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It is strongly recommended to use RDX without any others addons.

Download the RDX Full Edition version here:

There is an optional langage pack addon (FR, DE and RU).  This package will translate the different menu and editor texts.


  • Unzip the RDX full edition into your addon folder "C:\Program Files\World Of Warcraft\Interface\Addons", you should see this

  • Now launch the game, the RDX installer will show you the list of themes available to install. Click on the button OK to install them all. Your UI will reload. You can reinstall the themes at any time. See below.

  • The main menu RDX is this small icon. You can move it with the shift key modifiers.

  • At any time you can reinstall the themes, click on the RDX small icon, "Parameters \ Launch Installer"

  • To switch your theme click on the RDX small icon, "Themes" menu and select the theme

  • To customize the key bindings of your action bar

Installation is done.